We’re a project based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We host eclectic events here in our hometown and run a podcast series in Soundcloud where we publish selections from diverse artists & styles that we love, mostly focused on deep & experimental sounds.

We seek to produce a combination of diverse artforms in our creations, including photography, music and sometimes poetry. We believe that through this combination we can create a conjunction which is bigger than its parts by themselves.

Our project was born from our substantial need to collaborate with this community we love so much and making our input into it, portraying our eclectic vision of electronic music in everything we create.

We’re planning on releasing our own Label in the near future, where we’ll try to expand this concept and bring to your tables quality avant-garde releases, both in musical and graphic terms.

Created by LD Hypno, Soma & Pardini.

codecast series

Our podcast series pursues a simple achievement: To deliver a space designed to connect with other deep minds and different perceptions of reality, through music, poetry & photography.

We focus our work in delivering a wide range of selections within the electronic music scene, featuring artists around the world whose music we love.

photo gallery

We work with photographers and graphic designers who deliver diverse styles of artworks, according to the featured music. 

In our gallery you’ll find all the pictures that were used in our podcast series and some other designs done by our collaborators.

If you dig any of their work, you’ll be able to travel to their Instagram with just one click and check their content.