about codecast

our story

Our journey started in 2019, when we felt the need to expand our horizons music-wise and started looking for a way of interacting with the music scene in a creative & original way. That’s when we came up with this concept in which we would combine photography, poetry & music to create intriguing & introspective atmospheres and share them with the world, without any expectations or pretences, just for the love of art.

We did not expect so many artists to get involved that quick with our creation, it just kinda happened. It’s really beautiful to see many of your favourite DJs & producers collaborating with your project and giving their best to create quality content for it. We’re forever grateful to all of them. 

We’re also grateful to all of those people who supported us during this process, and we’re delighted to see so many of them delivering love messages & comments to us, that’s our fuel to keep on doing what we do.

Summing up, we just planted a seed hoping for the best possible outcome and our supporters & featured artists did the rest.